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Welcome to Setu Mathav Sea Shell

Welcome to the house of sea shells, where we offer different kinds of shells and packed cuttle bones for birds. We have pioneered this business for three decades. Our experience enables us to fulfill the requirements of the customer. We have an extensive line of sea shell products, backed up with an abundance of inventory, so delivery is never an issue. Our goal is to offer great quality products at the best prizes.

Our service and reliability has given us global recognition. Our in house inventory and manufacturing facilitates us to maintain the high level of quality. The shells that we sell are gathered by fishing trawlers. They are a by-product in fishing industry. We do not sell endangered sea shells.

Cuttle Bones is a good food complement for your pets birds which helps to keep the birds beak trim and healthy and is a natural source of essential minerals, necessary for optimum bird health and medicine to avoid any common bird disease. SMSSE cuttlefish bone is a unique calcium source for budgies, canaries, tropical nightingales, parakeets and parrots. Enhances birds bone and muscle structures, helps their feather to grow colorful and healthy. It helps to develop resistance against diseases as the metabolism is developed using this foods. Birds prevent their beaks to get longer by rubbing it against cuttlefish bone and their beaks gets a healthy appearance. The cuttle bone should be fixed to the cage with the help of clips available with the packet. It should be fixed in such a way that it is easily accessible to birds and in a way that the soft part is inside.

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Cuttle bone, Sepiaschale, Os de Seiche, Osso di seppia, Sepiaschelp, Decorative sea shell, Marine aquarium fish, Salt water aquarium fish...

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We are the largest exporters of Packed cuttle bone in Asia since the last decade.

Mr.Ashish Tyagi


We are the largest exporters of Packed cuttle bone in Asia since the last decade.

Mrs.Sarika Tyagi